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The Juicy Crab Juicy Special Seafood Marinade Seasoning 26OZ (737g)

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  • Thick Orange colored blend with visible spices.
  • Use 2 tbsp of seasoning for a pound of seafood. The bottle can be used for 32 pounds of seafood.
  • Good for French fries, salads, fried foods, seafood, poultry, beef, pork, fish, pasta, burgers, nuts, popcorn, and more!

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PRODUCT NAME:Juicy Special Seafood Marinade Seasoning


DESCRIPTION: Thick Orange colored blend with visible spices.

NET WT. 26OZ(737g)

PACKAGING: Clear bottles with black lids
SHELF LIFE: Recommend using within 18 months of manufacture date.

STORAGE: Store in a cool dry area.


The product is a safe GRAS food ingredient with no special Hazard rating. Avoid causing excessive dust. Wash out any eye contamination with plenty of water, seek medical advice if irritation persists more than 3 hours.

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Weight 737 g
Dimensions 3.59 × 2.75 × 8 in

60 reviews for The Juicy Crab Juicy Special Seafood Marinade Seasoning 26OZ (737g)

  1. Jim

    I have tried a few seafood boil seasonings but this is the most authentic Cajun style seasoning that I have had. The best bang for the buck! Only if they can add some more recipes so we can use it in multiple dishes. Also, I would love to see some more types of seasoning in their catalog.

  2. Samantha

    Seasoning is tasty but please make it cheaper..

  3. Jaydyn Simpson

    I made garlic butter sauce with this seasoning – just so yummy. Would 100% recommend this 🙂

  4. Jason Price

    This is a big bottle. This is going to last a while, however i am considering putting it on chicken as well because taste is really good

  5. Veronica

    I liked the flavor – delicious and authentic. At first, I added a little less in my seafood, but later I got the right measurement as I read the instructions on the bottle.

  6. Marquis Williams

    Great buy! I’ll be back next month! It’s a big-@ss bottle of Seafood Marinade Seasoning!!!

  7. Roxy Malone

    It really doesn’t taste like any other seasoning that I’ve tried, which does make it stand out in my spice rack. I’ve coated chicken, pork chops, burgers, and shrimp with this and they all came out great!

  8. Samuel Kirk

    Made a seafood boil with mussels, shrimp, potatoes, corn and crab for the first time – it was delicious! I seasoned the water with the seasoning and tossed everything to boil. The price is on a higher side though..

  9. Bethany Taylor

    The seasoning kind of grew on me and now i use it in a lot of places and usually scoop it out rather than sprinkling. I love the unique flavor it brings in my cooking

  10. Carol

    Love the flavor of this seasoning and love the juicy crab. I started using it because I love seafood, Cajun or Creole and we have crab boils or low country boil for cookouts year round. It’s a big hit at large gatherings and I’m always asked to bring it to many potluck functions. I always buy the large size of for multiple items. Recommend trying!

  11. Jen

    This is a fantastic juicy crab seasoning. It’s very tasty and flavorful but a little expensive.

  12. Jady Thompson

    I got this large bottle and sprinkled it generously on a half chicken and roasted it for 90 minutes. Delicious! Good in dips, with all types of meat and fish. Will purchase again!

  13. Shawn

    Best seafood seasoning made. But, for some reason shipping takes some time! Seriously. I’m now set for a while with this seafood marinade seasoning.

  14. Michael Lewis

    If you ever use it, you’ll know it will be a staple in your seafood cooking. If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to. It’s one of the best seasonings out there.

  15. Wanda Baker

    I love this juicy sauce stuff. I like to put this on my Salmon when I put in air fryer or bake in oven. I also like to use on any other seafood.

  16. Victor Spade

    Just great on just about anything! This is one of my favorite spice mixes now. I used to only use it for seafood, but now i use it on everything!

  17. Timothy

    A Must have for every kitchen. I love to make a “low country boil” with Juicy Sauce Seasoning. It adds so much flavor. I wish shipping was a little faster tho

  18. Yolanda Barr

    This is the best and there are so many recipes. Primarily we use for crab cakes, fries and steamed shrimp, oh and on deviled eggs. Cant go wrong. Can you please make it a little cheaper?

  19. Olivia Martin

    Love this juicy sauce seasoning. It tastes great on anything from grilled chicken, baked fish to deviled eggs. Highly recommend!

  20. Darlene

    Size wise it was a good purchase, we use it for crab boil and it is really good. This juicy crab seasoning is worth the purchase in this size.

  21. Steve Palmer

    Going to be steaming a lot of shrimp and this is a huge amount to be able to use. The price for the amount was a little on the expensive side.

  22. Sharlene

    I’m so glad to get this larger container for my spice rack! We eat lots of seafood, and I use juicy crab seasoning for shrimp, crab legs, and lobster tail. My family loves it! I have ordered again.

  23. Steve Wonders

    I am very satisfied with the juicy crab seasoning. It is flavorful and can be added to many different foods. This size of the container is also very good..

  24. William

    I really enjoy this stuff. I like spice but I also love the flavor with it. The spice it has is flavorful and makes you want that next bite.

  25. Noel Lenard

    What a classic this seasoning is, goes well on everything you can imagine.. Especially crab cakes.

  26. Krista Chase

    Use for steamed shrimp & crab bake. Has the best flavor & versatility. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! 😀

  27. Jim Anthony

    I use it on my Barbecue, seafood, eggs, gumbo, sauces and many other foods. We were happy to find these 26 ounce containers, a very convenient way to buy them but shipping takes some time.

  28. Gaby

    I took over the shrimp steaming duties from my wife. she was pleased with the result. but I use this stuff liberally because this is a big bottle. go big or go home

  29. Joe Gonzalez

    Great for chips or meats. Definitely recommend it but please make it cheaper!

  30. Fiona

    This stuff is amazing, we added this in our boil + some onions, garlic, and butter. DELICIOUS. We will keep using and this is such an easy way to purchase.

  31. Enrique Amaro

    Love Love juicy crab and now their seasoning as well… I use it on a variety of shellfish as well as chicken and pork.

  32. Kate Mahoney

    I use this product in making crab cakes, steaming shrimp and on fish. This is a great seasoning for most all seafood

  33. Matthew Wilkinson

    Made a huge (3 crab pots) crab boil dinner for large family group. Easy. Will do again!

  34. Andrew Montemayor

    I like this juicy sauce seasoning. I didn’t know the container was so huge..but worth it! Have shared with some friends 🙂

  35. Carolyn

    fantastic. a must-have product if you plan on a crab feast. also good with chicken, fish, and this size container is what you need. Excellent.

  36. Regina Lewis

    Great stuff for seasoning fried seafood, chicken and boiled shrimp and crab. I have used this for quite a while now

  37. Lucien Desar

    Was looking for a good seafood boil seasoning and I was pleasantly surprised. Great taste, and I just bought it while the prices have reduced!

  38. Donna

    a must-have product if you plan on a crab feast. also good with chicken, fish, and this size container is what you need. Shipping takes some time.

  39. Kyle Lynn

    was happy it came in this big of a bottle and really happy to see this on sale! of course it’s gonna get 5 stars. This stuff tastes great!

  40. Cindy

    We did our own seafood boil at home with this and it tasted even better than the restaurants. Make sure to use the right quantity…

  41. Sam Lines

    What’s not to love? It’s Juicy Crab seasoning in a giant container! Got mine last week on sale and we use it on so many things besides just fish, cabs and shrimp.

  42. Linda Sheehy

    Big and good. Taste nice. Shared with friends. Hope the sale never ends.

  43. Joshua

    I bought this for my husband and now he is an addict for this juicy crab seasoning. He puts this stuff on everything and is a huge hit with shrimp, potatoes and crab legs… I wish the shipping was a little faster

  44. Jason Leaman

    The juicy crab brand has been around for years. Obviously they’re doing something right. 😄 juicy seasonings is a must have if you like seasonings.

  45. Nina

    I put it on fish, I put it on fries. It is the spice of life and brings things awake. I have previously purchased small bottle but saw it on sale so bought a couple more.

  46. Leslie Valerio

    This seasoning is just amazing, we use this in our beer batter for fish tacos, shrimp tacos and in our flour mixture for fried chicken. Also excellent for our summer shrimp boils

  47. Karl Roembke

    Lots of seafood dishes – especially for steaming crabs & low country boils! 😋

  48. Kevin

    You can eat this seasoning with already cooked foods or mix it with your cooking. Tastes good!

  49. Emily Scot

    My husband had made shrimp boil and lobster. Juicy crab seasonings is a major component, and finding this large size bottle on sale was great.

  50. Dan Wright

    If your a fan of seasonings and don’t know what juicy crab seasoning is then you should probably try this. It is one of the best seasonings available.

  51. Melissa Hathaway

    Heard about this spice from a friend. Versatile and tasty!

  52. Lorraine Chardon

    Nothing is better with crab cakes and seafood in general. We found this big size bottle on sale at a great price. YUM

  53. Chris

    The Juicy Crab Seasoning was an ingredient I needed for a Crab Cakes recipe. It added just the right touch 🙂 I look forward to using it in other seafood recipes.

  54. Austin Eichhorn

    Crabs, shrimp, egg salad, mac salad but our favorite is to melt butter, throw juicy sauce seasoning in the melted butter and roll our corn on the cobs in it. I have ordered again, please make shipping a little faster.

  55. Jacqueline Torrey

    Ever since I bought it for the first time, I always use juicy crab for seasoning my seafood. good price and taste great on seafood. I am gonna order some more since this sale is on believe me!

  56. Jeff Stearns

    Now my family and I use this on everything we cook. Fish does not taste the same without this. Try this in soups with thyme and be amazed. I just saw it on sale and i feel this is a steal!!!

  57. Heather

    It goes well with my lobster boil. The good part about this stuff is that it does not give off an overpowering flavor that kills the taste of what you happen to be cooking.

  58. Edward Gouker

    This is a pretty big container so its going to be around for a while. Got it on sale so good price.

  59. Walter Jacobson

    This size is good especially if you make seafood often and like to use a seasoning when steaming it or boiling it. Plus the holiday discount makes it even a better deal for me

  60. Leslie Valerio

    Use this for seafood boils. I go through it quite quickly. Buying the larger quantity just seemed to make more sense. Good value for the money.

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