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The Juicy Crab Juicy Special Extra Hot Pepper Seasoning (Spicy Chili powder) 3.5OZ (99g)


  • Fine red colored powder.
  • This is a hot pepper seasoning, it is recommended to use this together with Juicy Special Seafood Marinade Seasoning.
  • Spicy Chili powder, For an extra kick add 1/4 tsp of  The Juicy Crab’s
  • Good for French fries, salads, fried foods, seafood, poultry, beef, pork, fish, pasta, burgers, nuts, popcorn, and more!

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PRODUCT NAME:Juicy Extra HOT Pepper for an extra kick


DESCRIPTION: Fine red colored powder.

This is a hot pepper seasoning, it is recommended to use this together with Juicy Special Seafood Marinade Seasoning.

NET WT. 3.5OZ.(99g)

CHEMICAL: Moisture 10%

PACKAGING: Clear bottles with black lids
SHELF LIFE: Recommend using within 24 months of manufacture date.

STORAGE: Store in a cool dry area.


The product is a safe GRAS food ingredient with no special Hazard rating. Avoid causing excessive dust. Wash out any eye contamination with plenty of water, seek medical advice if irritation persists more than 3 hours.

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Weight 99 g
Dimensions 2.4 × 2.4 × 5.2 in

51 reviews for The Juicy Crab Juicy Special Extra Hot Pepper Seasoning (Spicy Chili powder) 3.5OZ (99g)

  1. Karl Harrington

    We are new to this spice. Very good in tacos and on quesadillas. Also good with Chicken.

  2. Cindy Brady

    Just the right amount of heat. I could go for more so it’s not too strong. The taste is fantastic– that adds depth to whatever you’re cooking. I put this spice on everything savory I make and have repurchased a couple of times.

  3. Kevin

    We mix with chicken stock 😋. Just be careful with quantity, it can get a little spicy. 😉

  4. Loretta Brown

    You can also use this seasoning by juicy crab to mix in other foods… Tacos need a little more flavor? Sprinkle some on! Ive also mixed this with BBQ and coated it on chicken wings. So handy!

  5. Andrew

    great seasoning by the juicy crab, but shipping takes some time

  6. Sydney Thompson

    Love this seasoning. I’ve tried a couple Cajun seasonings, and this is my personal favorite. The hot especially will put a kick in whatever you add it to.

  7. George Garber

    Adds a different flavor to my recipes. Tasty, peppery, a bit of spices all add their own flavor. I like this juicy crab seasoning.

  8. Xavier

    This stuff is SO delicious! My fiancé and I recently bought an airfrier and were looking to emulate dry buffalo wings. It’s so yummy, we ordered 4 more bottles!!!! Highly recommend it! Can also be used on fries, veggies and meat! 😋

  9. Jerome Floyd

    I just bought the Juicy Crab Hot Pepper Seasoning, 3.5OZ (99g). My opinion is that this is super totally YUMMY too and totally convenient! I have been trying it on everything and so far I am super happy with the flavor. I tried pairing it with their seafood marinade seasoning like they said and it tastes even better

  10. Ashleigh

    Excellent flavor to kick up the spice a bit with everything from Seafood to Wings to french fries, even soups and chili

  11. Victor Braidey

    I bought this after trying the juicy crab marinade seasoning and enjoying it for cooking. This stuff is SO GOOD!!!

  12. Cindy Brown

    Only con is that it is a little expensive for me. great for a dry rub of sorts on wings. Yummy! Definitely spicy!!

  13. Jeremey

    I love hot, spicy foods so I love this seasoning! Good on everything you want to spice up. My daughter always sprinkles this on her scrambled eggs. Also great on shrimp. We even sprinkle it on baked potatoes & chicken. Some like it HOT. hope this is helpful.

  14. Tiffany Crown

    I didn’t even know this existed. The perfect complement to many dishes..

  15. Ned

    This juicy sauce hot pepper seasoning is perfect for spicing up a seafood dish or even for making buffalo chicken dip. I used it and it really came out so good. I will order again, hope shipping is faster this time

  16. J M Ginger

    Whether you want a little kick of taste or a whole lotta spice, this is your stuff. So versatile. I mainly use it on my oven-baked chicken wings but have also thrown it in soups. Great spice to have on hand…

  17. Paul Richmond

    Definitely a little pricey, but worth it. Super flavorful and nice and spicy!

  18. Benji

    It’s a good flavor for my seafood. I feel there is nothing like it. Went ahead and just bought this for my wife’s birthday and she loved it! I put that spice on everything

  19. Aura Mairena

    I like the taste. It is very hot.

  20. Michael Matney

    It has a wonderful flavor and you don’t have to use a lot of seasoning to get the flavor to stand out. I use this on my meat, pasta, seafood, etc. and just love the flavor. This is my second purchase from juicy sauce, and I bought two at once this time.

  21. Craig

    Excellent flavor to kick up the spice a bit with everything from Wings to french fries, even soups and chili! Please make the shipping a little faster

  22. Don Gafford

    Absolutely the bomb!! Tangy and just enough spice. I use it on popcorn. Roasting chicken. Sloppy Joes. Steak. Potatoes. It goes on everything!

  23. Anna Stesia

    Adds great flavor. Add this to my bbq rubs for some kicks. Adds great color too. Just mixed this with your seafood marinade seasoning and put it on salmon! It was awesome!!

  24. Yifei Ding

    Have used this on all types of meats and fish and it gives a good flavor

  25. Abbie

    Wasn’t sure what to expect, but a co-worker brought this in to work and wow, what a surprise. Flavor was wonderful and with an awesome kick.

  26. Joao Mota

    Juicy crab hot pepper is versatile. You can add on after you cook something , or mix in. Give it a try, you will be amazed.

  27. Melissa

    Adds great flavor. I like to put this on chicken wings and lightly smoke them. 225F for 60 minutes or so followed by a quick dip in the fryer or air fryer.

  28. Jesse Dillon

    The seasoning tastes delicious! Get yourself some frozen mixed veggies in a bowl with a tiny bit of water, a pad of butter, and a few dashes of this hot pepper seasoning …microwave for a few minutes.. it will change your life!

  29. Yareli Jimenez Correa

    I have added this to so many things. Eggs, grits, meat etc. Wherever you want to add some heat, try this. I got the seasoning a little late tho..

  30. Dylan Mills

    This was a delicious seasoning. You can use it as a marinade for wings, fresh fries, or to give some flavor to Mac and cheese.

  31. Jayne

    Our family loves this spice ! Been using them for some time now and kids are literally sad when we run out ! This is really good !

  32. Alyssa Brittain

    This juicy sauce hot seasoning keeps crunchy food crunchy! Great on chicken wings and I add it to eggs and sprinkle on soups as well.

  33. Jay

    This is a great addition to your spice rack! This is definitely made for those whom love spicy food and enjoy a party kick to the taste buds. Makes a great gift as well. I would recommend it!

  34. Lora L. Guess

    I love heat and this seasoning is a great way to get your daily kick of spice.

  35. Alicia Teubert

    It brings the heat without sacrificing flavor. It is one of the better spices for adding heat to a dish impactfully.. I paired it with the seafood marinade seasoning as mentioned and the combo tastes even better!

  36. Tonya Nixon

    My son introduced me to this juicy crab and I now understand why he loves it so much. The flavor is really good!

  37. Diane

    I was pleasantly surprised at how flavorful it is. I’ve never tried a spice quite like it, but am experimenting with adding it to different dishes and like it. I add it to my spice rubs, put it in breading for pork chops and chicken, add it to soups, and made some delicious air fryer chicken wings with it. I’ve even sprinkled it on, macaroni and cheese and potato salad.

  38. Anais Merle

    This seasoning is delicious on any and everything I decided to use it on. One of my great purchases so far.. Shipping takes a little time tho!

  39. Ronald Harris

    If you are looking for full-flavor, a kick for your favorite dishes, or you just love spicy foods (like me), you will LOVE this product by the juicy crab.

  40. Dianna

    Ive made chili with this many times and everyone ALWAYS asks for my recipe. You can also use the mix in other foods… Tacos need a little more flavor? Sprinkle some on! Ive also mixed this with BBQ and coated it on chicken wings. So handy!

  41. Eleonora Gillion

    Added just the right amount of spice to my pot roast. Not too hot, not too mild..

  42. Todd

    I put it on everything, meat & veggies. Love the heat.

  43. Donnavon Copeland

    The hot is extremely good. I find myself putting it on everything including tuna wraps. I used it as a dry rub on some ribs I cooked on the grill and everyone had nothing but positive feedback for me. Good stuff.

  44. Christine

    We use this for all sorts of stuff from buffalo chicken dip to just simple grilled or sauteed chicken.

  45. Tony Amos

    I like to cook and love it spicy. These do not disappoint.

  46. Judy Marshall

    It has taken a very prominent place in my spice collection. Chili, some rib dry rubs we use, chicken, a roasted corn/red bell/red onion salad we make… lots of things this gets used in. Plus the seasoning when it came smelled wonderful, and the shake/pour lid works well. The bottle is fairly sturdy as well. Good stuff.

  47. Heather

    Marinated some wings in this for 2 days and put them on my smoker….. OMG!! it was a hit!!

  48. James Zachary

    I have Just started using this seasoning and it is great. I cooked a 26oz. Ribeye, seasoned for 12hrs. It was mouth watering good.

  49. Bill Ozinga

    My wife likes it so we’re good! Happy wife, happy life…

  50. Greg

    This seasoning is great on any kind of seafood. Use sparingly at first until you decide how much is perfect!

  51. Dianna

    Ultimate favorite! I make my own taco seasoning with this included. We use it on popcorn, French fries, breaded chicken, veggies. You name it!

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