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The Juicy Crab Juicy Special Seafood Marinade Seasoning 12OZ (340g)

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  • Thick Orange colored blend with visible spices.
  • Use 2 tbsp of seasoning for a pound of seafood. The bottle can be used for 14 pounds of seafood.
  • Good for French fries, salads, fried foods, seafood, poultry, beef, pork, fish, pasta, burgers, nuts, popcorn, and more!

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PRODUCT NAME:Juicy Special seafood marinade seasoning


DESCRIPTION : Thick Orange colored blend with visible spices.

NET WT. 12OZ.(340g)

PACKAGING: Clear bottles with black lids
SHELF LIFE : Recommend using within 18 months of manufacture date.

STORAGE: Store in a cool dry area.


The product is a safe GRAS food ingredient with no special Hazard rating. Avoid causing excessive dust. Wash out any eye contamination with plenty of water, seek medical advice if irritation persists more than 3 hours.

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Weight 340 g
Dimensions 2.75 × 2.75 × 5.9 in

56 reviews for The Juicy Crab Juicy Special Seafood Marinade Seasoning 12OZ (340g)

  1. Ashley Cole

    My friend made us seafood boil and she added this seasoning. I ordered one for myself and seasoned my boiled shrimp with it. Very tasty.

  2. Sam Evans

    For me this is a classic seasoning. It is the perfect blend of spices and it goes well with a lot of different foods. So good! Only the shipping is a bit slow though..

  3. Wendy

    I have a cooking and mukbang channel on YouTube where I cook seafood and eat in front of the camera. I use this seasoning in my seafood boils. Absolutely in love <3

  4. Johanna

    You cannot lose with juicy crab seasonings! I used this in my shrimp boil recipe and the taste was perfect.

  5. Peter Smith

    I love juicy crab and this seasoning is worth it. I wish the delivery time was not that long..

  6. Paul

    This product is quite good. I’m already on my second bottle!

  7. Mike

    Great spices! I cooked according to the attached instructions and got a new and interesting taste for myself. I wish it was a little cheaper. The seasoning has a good balance and a wonderful taste.

  8. Kelly Ronald

    I have seen this seasoning many times but never bought it. Friend mentioned it to me that its the juicy crab seasoning and thought okay let’s try it. Use it on a fish recipe and it is terrific. Don’t know what is in it; but, it’s great for what I am using it for. I’ll order it again.

  9. Baja Connor

    This finally arrived!!! We love this seasoning!! Absolutely authentic and absolutely the best! Don’t get crabby without it!

  10. Brandon

    My new current favorite. Saw a video on instagram and after trying it on most foods I’ve eaten lately, I like it. Try the small bottle and see if it’s for you i do recommend adding it to your working collection of seasoning

  11. Sylvia

    This is my first time trying this out and it’s very good, also EXTREMELY addictive. The flavor is really amazing

  12. Cecilia Taylor

    Although my seasoning was late, I was super happy to get it because it’s the best juicy crab Seasoning hands-down

  13. James Covoy

    Perfect for shrimp, beer can chicken, fresh caught trout. It’s a bit like cheating, really. Too easy.

  14. Fiona

    Always used this product when cooking fish and seafood. Even use when we boil new potatoes. Great seasoning by juicy crab!

  15. Charolette

    If you have nothing else in your cabinet —in terms of herbs & seasonings— this is all you need. For literally anything & everything. Meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, side dishes, etc.

  16. Jack Knowles

    Including seafood I use it to season chicken and meat as well. It’s great in soups and stews too! Shipping could be faster

  17. Drake

    I think this product of juicy crab is a classic seasoning. A fishing buddy would use it on the fish we caught fishing in Florida. Great for seafood, but good on whatever you like. Find your favorite ways..

  18. Shawn Casey

    Good value for this classic seafood flavoring. Shrimp, crabs, fries and more. Shipping is slow tho

  19. Bridgetarth

    this is the best I cooked and use this juicy crab seasoning its extremely fabulous, I will purchase it again and let my friends know about the large container like this one, love it.

  20. Tiara Sanford

    Forget buying Crab fries & make your own. I love sprinkling on my salad & fish. Juicy crab seasoning is a versatile seasoning to have.

  21. Tiara

    I will just say that it came fresh, sealed and is perfect on eggs, tater tots, and fish.

  22. Bradly Roberts

    I love it. I haven’t had anything else that tastes quite like it. I use it mainly on seafood and poultry but it can be used in anything if you like the flavor of it. Now that I got this juicy sauce, I will probably never be without it.

  23. Rod Ferro

    great I use this seasoning even just to boil corn on the cob, gives shrimp a great flavor

  24. Matthew Marlowe

    This is the secret ingredient to all great-tasting seafood dishes. This box seems very fresh.

  25. Andrew

    Make crab boil with this juicy crab seasoning (and other things like Cajun rub for chicken, pork etc.) this is my all time favorite Cajun seasoning! It has a perfect blend of spices and if used properly can really enhance your food to your liking!

  26. Daniel Haro

    By far our favorite seasoning for fixing shrimp and seafood recipes! Please make shipping faster!

  27. Isaac Woodard

    this is one of my handy seasonings for seafood….i get many compliments on my salmon and shrimp…i use this before cooking on both dishes….you can’t go wrong with using this !!!

  28. Roland

    The seasoning is perfectly measured so that all you need do is sprinkle (marinate if you like) and bake, grill, etc!

  29. Lauren Tyll

    I really like this seasoning by juicy crab, it is good on many different things like eggs, most kinds of meat and fish.

  30. Philip

    I made my first shrimp boil using this seasoning with shrimp, clams, corn on the cob, sausage and potatoes. We loved the food. I have since made steamed shrimp and used this in place of other older blends that I had. Will use again for future shrimp boils!

  31. Mario Vergas

    Delicious. So delicious. Did I mention delicious? I used this for a birthday crab boil and it was amazing. I highly recommend it and so glad that the prices have reduced!! So buying more before the sale ends…

  32. Em Yarnell

    Took forever to get here but I am happy with the purchase of this juicy crab seasoning.

  33. Pepper Alexander

    I use this for seafood all the time, just the right seasonings. The smaller one is perfect for me. I also share mine with friends.

  34. Garrett Morgan

    Brought this to an overseas friend who loves to cook as it is on sale rn — thrilled with it! He said it’s a slightly different blend than he was used to, but that didn’t stop him from testing it out, and he was happy with juicy sauce seasoning..

  35. John M. Kelly

    *Update* I ordered 2 more. Very pleased! Shipping is a little slow..

  36. Michael Steven

    Can be used from chicken to seafood and great on French fries.. I got more since this is on sale!

  37. Leilani

    We did our own seafood boil at home with this and it tasted even better than the restaurants! Just be careful on how much you use.

  38. Marcus Stemple

    I can’t find this where I live and for me it is now a necessary seasoning. Glad I could purchase the juicy crab seasoning here.

  39. Oliver

    Great on sale price for this wonderful seasoning! You can use it on so many dishes to enhance the taste. It’s especially nice on grilled salmon.

  40. Thomas Sarver

    Exactly what I wanted! Love the size it comes in! Bought it again after seeing it on sale.

  41. Clairette

    A must have in your seasoning cabinet.

  42. Ryan Yang

    This is a seasoning that makes a difference. It’s a nice blend, but not a lot of people know about it. Excellent on seafood, of course, but also for cold salads.

  43. Sue

    i got this for a fish recipe, very pleased. i use it for a lot more than fish.

  44. Bill Pennock

    This is great stuff when boiling seafood. It has many ingredients that work well with shrimp, crab and especially crawfish. I’m from New Orleans and this mixture along with any crab boil works well together.

  45. Nikkii B

    You can eat this seasoning with already cooked foods or mix it with your cooking. Tastes good with almost anything…

  46. James W. Williams

    I use it mainly for crab boils and it’s perfect. I also mix it with butter and toss potatoes, corn, shrimp, etc. in it. Perfect spice and salt level, absolutely delicious!

  47. Brent

    Even better value for your money since this sale and also a good quality seasoning! It gives good taste and aroma to whatever dish/recipes you are preparing.

  48. Lucy Byrne

    What a great spice mixture. It made my Low country boil a success. Definitly worth the purchase.

  49. Tracy Larson

    This is a must have in the kitchen. Great with fish, in my burgers, and fried taters. Yum!!! Ordering more soon…

  50. Linda Alexander

    We had heard of this juicy sauce seasoning but never tried it. A good friend suggested that we do. So we purchased this small bottle and found that we wished that we had tried it sooner. This stuff adds great taste to just about any meal. It is best on seafood and meats like beef, chicken, and pork. But it doesn’t end there. Put it on salads and we even tried it on specialty sandwhiches and the added flavour was amazing.

  51. Karen M. Berger

    It’s a must for crab cakes and seafood but also goes great in a pot of soup . Try this stuff for yourself.

  52. Marny Shuster

    Without a doubt the best for steaming shrimp and crabs, using it in potato salad, mac salad, shrimp salad, eggs, you name it and it goes great on anything !!!

  53. Ryan Johnson

    This goes without saying seafood should never, ever, ever be consumed without juicy sauce seasoning. Buy it, love it, never go back.

  54. Kimberly

    Good seasoning. I found that cooking the crab cakes under the broiler until they get a nice golden color on them is better then frying them. You don’t get the greasy taste which means you get the full taste of the crab and seasonings.

  55. Elsie

    I used this juicy crab seasoning a lot especially when I am seasoning seafood. It gives it a very nice flavor . For me it brings out the flavor of the product that I am using.

  56. Jeffrey Campbell

    If you don’t know what juicy crab seasoning is….you’re in for a treat. I don’t live without 3-4 of these in my house at all times. It goes on EVERYTHING. Super good price since its on sale and perfect size for me!

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